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понеделник, 24 септември 2012 г.

What Is A Spiritual Path?

September 23, 2012

Buddha Tara Kaleidoscope
(Transmitted from Lhamo Dorje and Adrial into Leslee’s point of view)
This road of life follows many paths at once, and each of us finds the opportunity to choose how we travel it.

As these paths present themselves to us, each one glows with enticements that appeal to our senses and sensibilities. We can revel in the journey for its own sake or we can set our sights on Ascension or Enlightenment, and we can switch back and forth between these as we travel.

In any case, we’re on spiritual paths, regardless of whether or not we see it that way. We all are spirits, living – hopefully thriving – within bodies, so how could it be any other way?

That said, how we view ourselves engaging the world and those we share it with tremendously affects the quality of our brief visits here.  We can follow synchronicities that arise for us in many ways. We can watch them with fascination and curiosity, or we can view them as nudges and hints from our Spiritual Guides. We can also view them as random chaotic events, or mere meaningless phenomena, and the list of variations can expand to suit everyone’s experience.

We’d like to suggest that the views can all be boiled down into three categories: spiritual, materialistic, and phenomenal (or any combination of the two).

If we hold our own paths (experiences of this particular lifetime) as being primarily a series of puzzling or fascinating events, and we simply follow along, trying to find happiness, we might say we’re on a phenomenal path – one of phenomena.

Life just beats on, and we try our best to roll with the punches and enjoy the ride.

When our fascination escalates to the point that we begin to look for explanations, develop theories and search for “proof”, then we’ve stepped into a more materialistic (perhaps even scientific) path. Here we search for understanding of the world around us.

Now we can compare notes with others… Perhaps we look for patterns or rhythms that begin to “make sense” to us.

As we travel this path, at some point we may notice we feel we comprehend the physical world around us more completely. New questions may begin to arise. And these questions may seem more mysterious, less explicable.

This curiosity often leads us inside ourselves.

Once we look inside, even for just a brief moment, we’ve danced our way onto a spiritual path. We’ve caught a glimpse of the possibilities that hover outside the grasp of phenomena and materialism.

It’s okay, relax!

Dipping your toes into a spiritual path doesn’t mean you’ve become religious. Religion itself has nothing to do with spirituality. Religion is a human construct, invented by humans out of fear. We won’t go into that right now.

Moments spent on a spiritual path carry us into our hearts, our third eyes, more subtle physical realms, and even the astral planes. It doesn’t matter who or what you choose to guide you. If you intend to elevate yourself and experience your life meaningfully, that intention serves as your true protection and guidance, and whatever spirits, beings, angels or gods you choose as guides are really just your facilitators.

Stepping out of fear is the real goal.

At some points on our path, we may strive out of anger or fear. In these moments, we open ourselves to a greater assortment of “guides”, because our discernment weakens and we look for a quick, “permanent” fix. If we catch ourselves feeling frustrated, afraid or resentful, this is a good time to question deeply the source of our “nudges”.

As we familiarize ourselves more with joy and relax enough to allow our path to flow and teach us, we find more focused guidance.

Focused guidance presents the same puzzles and challenges along our way as scattered guidance. However, focused lessons tend to lead us in a progression along the path, rather than looping us into a cycle where we feel stuck. When we sense that we’re getting the same lessons, fears and frustrations repeatedly, we might do well to examine who – or what – we’re relying upon… if anything.

Finding focused guidance to keep us on a clear spiritual path is actually quite easy in principle. All we need to do is set our intention first, and then request help. Again, our intention protects us. It’s as if Intention conducts the “job interviews” before our guides are granted access to our heart, mind, spirit, or soul.

Sounds easy.

The challenge is to stick with it and be consistent. Discovering our intention may take time and effort. It usually requires meditation in order to develop a mind powerful enough to maintain clarity; self-discipline and steady practice play key roles.

We’ll hand you some encouragement. If you’ve reached a point where you recognize in yourself the wish to experience a spiritual path, you probably already have a good start on the intention, practice, and self-discipline pieces. Usually, by the time we’ve developed some spiritual wishes, they’ve sprung from having grown tired of learning lessons the hard way. Pulling ourselves up out of the mud highly motivates us towards effort. When we feel tired, frustrated or impatient, we can simply recall where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. This encourages us to catch our breath and then forge onwards.

Whatever path we find ourselves on now we can feel assured that in the big picture, we’re moving forward. Sometimes we may feel we’re waltzing around back and forth, or even circling endlessly in a square-dance, but every breath we take keeps us in our bodies, and our bodies carry us ultimately forward.

That’s why we took them. Abiding in the physical may seem tedious at times, but when we make progress in a physical body, we’re moving at a pace much faster than if we continuously hung out in the astral or spirit realms. Here on Earth we’re bombarded by lessons and experiences that force us to choose, discern, and apply effort – quickly – if we want to find happiness. We see graphically, sometimes brutally, how we are connected with one another, and how our actions impact others.

So please try to enjoy even the most confounding and painful moments of your life, by viewing them as stepping stones leading you to happiness.

When you reflect, look for the encouraging and delightful synchronicities. Use them to remind yourself that you enjoy guidance and protection, even when nothing feels very enjoyable.

We wish you many moments of feeling the presence of your guides, and feeling your progress in ways that bring you joy. Call on your guides if you feel alone, and we will be there, without fail. Your progress fills our being with immense delight, and when you smile in your hearts, your world expands into Light.

With much love to all of you,

Adrial and Lhamo Dorje


понеделник, 17 септември 2012 г.

Introducing the White Sisterhood

By Dreamwalker | Dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com
White Buffalo Calf Woman by Cher Lynn
White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman
White Spirit Bear Woman
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman
White Deer Woman

We are the white sisterhood.
You have seen us before.
We are the White Sisterhood, we are the stories you’ve heard, we represent the ancient knowledge. We are teachers and healers, mothers and daughters. We passed an eagle feather to you, you carry this in your heart today.
We are the stories you have heard about. We have been teachers of compassion. We are now connecting directly with the avatars to which we embody that of the human form. We are of grace, love, and compassion. We embrace you every day and stand beside you to help you whenever it is needed. We hold you up when you need it and kiss you goodnight when you go to sleep. And sometimes you may meet us in your dreams to guide you on your path. Now is the time that you may meet us, and you (humanity) are meeting yourselves for the first time as you awaken from your slumber. As creators you are shape-shifters and spirits, your multidimensional forms connect with all planes and all realities. You are that which you see yourselves, as you see us before you.
That which you might see as negative expressions of your soul is at this time a necessary part of the positive expressions of your soul. You are not seeing yourselves as a separate being, but as one with all of the universe for you truly are the universe. The template of the universe, so to speak, is embodied in all that you are. So the challenge now is to expand your definition of what you are out into the broadest reaches of the universe. Whatever you can imagine, reach further.
And so here we are before you as equals and as guides, we stand before you as you stand before us. Attunements have run their course and are no longer required, although these still may serve to help provide shifts in consciousness for those who need them.
We are the White Sisterhood, and we await further definition. We are the White Sisterhood, and we have always been with you since the beginning of time. We are the White Sisterhood, and we stand with you in the seven directions. Membership in the White Sisterhood encompasses all. We are the feminine expression of all, in a singular / separate collective expression at this time to deliver our message.
We will see you soon. We love you so much!
Notes: This is a project I have been “given”, to help identify, define, and connect the White Sisterhood. These women have existed separately in many stories of people from many cultures.  White Cloud Woman I don’t know anything about, but she wished to be added to the list. The others have been identified in myths and legends. I feel this is by no means a complete list, and more than one person may certainly identify with this energy (it is all-inclusive rather than exclusive).

But to get the ball rolling, I am connecting these spirits to the realm of my experience, and this is their wish that I do so. Selphia is an Agarthan contact of mine who can be included in this list, although I don’t understand her role at this time. She has somewhat protested my use of the term “White Deer Woman” rather than just “Deer Woman” but I feel this is accurate (or perhaps necessary for the purposes of identification…).
White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Stasha Eve)
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman (Amaterasu)
White Spirit Bear Woman (Dorothy Maquabeak Francis)
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman (Saraswati)
White Deer Woman (Selphia of Agartha)

Here’s a picture of Selphia / Deer Woman. This is pretty much how she appears to me.

четвъртък, 13 септември 2012 г.

Adrial: Abi-Qor & Athabantian Connection During Dreamflights

Ground Level View of the Portal at Abi-Qor
Partial Overall Aerial View of Abi-Qor’s Surface Facilities
(From Adrial, through Leslee Hare)
The Crew of Athabantian would like to offer some suggestions for connecting with them during your Dreamflights, especially for those of you who are interested in Abi-Qor.
When you go to sleep, first set the intention/wish to meet one of the Crew Members aboard Athabantian, and to communicate with them telepathically… And also to recall what you experience during this visit. You may also request to meet one or more Crew Members AT Abi-Qor, particularly if you would like to begin working to manifest Abi-Qor into the physical. You may specify in your intent, if there is a particular aspect of Abi-Qor and the 5th dimension that you would like to help manifest.
Additionally, when you lie down to sleep, focus on your third eye/pineal gland, visualizing it as a tiny pink sphere, bathed in golden light. Please hold the intention for this visualization/meditation to raise your vibration sufficiently to draw you into the 4th or 5th dimension. This will allow you to more effectively meet with our Friends in the higher dimensions.
If you can, also visualize that the pink sphere is further surrounded by concentric spheres of light in rainbow colors… similarly to the rings of Saturn, but spheres instead of rings… They are very light and radiant, and of the nature of wisdom, love, and bliss …
Then, if you can fall asleep holding at least some portion of that visualization, and having made the request to meet and have a conversation… and also to remember the experience and conversation, you may find this exercise to be a wonderful way to develop your skills of telepathy and astral travel.
(Leslee’s comments: These are the images of Abi-Qor which were presented at the Transformation 2012 Conference, held in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA, in August 2012. Related to the visualizations described, I’ve been receiving a lot about the pineal gland lately, and Mark Kimmel says he works with that a lot, too… This is the doorway to our communications with our Friends. Best wishes to everyone in your astral adventures! With much love and light from Pagosa, Leslee – and many thanks to Gricel for requesting this information!)

вторник, 28 август 2012 г.

In Gratitude

moose medicine

remembering to go within, when the without makes not much sense…

These words came to me this morning as I was chatting with a friend.
I thought, Wow, where did that come from? And it is so true right now.
It seems I’ve been on the road and barely connected for three weeks or more now, and I woke up this morning feeling a little down, a little sad, a little overwhelmed.
I went outside and said hello to the morning, knowing I needed to go within, and all would be well. I put my feet on the earth, and just sat and absorbed some sun filtering through the leaves.
I’m still faced with a bit of packing, a lot of loading, loads of uncertainty, miles of driving, and who knows what else, as I make my way back out to Pagosa Springs.
As I sat, trying to listen instead of thinking for a moment, something very powerful slipped into my awareness.
I began to see and feel a procession, a gathering, of all the friends I enjoy: all the loving hearts I know personally, no matter how physically distant they may appear. And with every face or name that arose, I lost count (thank goodness), and felt in awe of how much power that – seemingly tiny – bit of knowledge  - connectedness – wields.
So I’m moved to share this brief post, in gratitude, just to say thank you.
Thank you for entering my life, and for returning from time to time… usually just when I’m craving contact.
Thank you for showing me – proving to my sometimes stubborn resistance – that this world is a glorious magical place, in which people appear like dreams to walk with us.
Thank you for being brilliant, each in your own ways, for inspiring me and opening my mind.
Thank you for journeying with me – I am deeply honored.
Side-note: As I went to look for an image to add to this post, I was guided to a picture I took late last year of a small Chinese carving of a moose, that a friend has in her home. I had no idea why… until I found this explanation at www.in5d.com. I think I understand the “why” of the golden color, but I’ll await your insights as to the possible meaning of the moose being rotated into a diamond shape… at least it’s looking upward!
Magic of life and death, sacred energy is opened, camouflage self, conceal ideas/thoughts/actions until the appropriate time, life is awakening and moose will acknowledge the truths that are needed by your spirit. Aids in moving emotions for awareness, teaches strength, wisdom and patience. Moose gives you the ability to move swiftly but silently with wisdom. Are you being gentle with yourself? Do you need to more graceful and humble or speak up more? Moose will show you balance along with how strength can be found in gentleness and how to deal with situations.  

Our powerful moose cousin is a symbol of courage and determination.  Those who know the moose spirit proudly walk with grace and have universal knowledge.  The power of their presence is awesome and inspiring.

Moose calves are born with their eyes open.  Those who follow the moose medicine see life situations with clarity and can see into the beyond.

The moose’s huge antlers protect it during battle and represent the tree of knowledge.  This teaches us to shield ourselves from life’s many adversaries with truth and spiritual understanding.

The adult male can stand over 7 feet tall and weigh 1,200 pounds.  Its size and lumbering appearance is deceiving because the moose is agile and fast.   Moose spirit guides bring these same qualities to the individual who seek their wisdom.  

Despite its great size, moose can camouflage itself very well and can move silently and quickly through its terrain.   This teaches us ways to become invisible when necessary and not allow our powerful presence to become overbearing to others.

The bellow of the male moose can be heard for many miles.  This trait shows us that our great presence can be known to all when necessary. 

The appearance of the moose is both awkward and graceful at the same time.  These traits are translated in human terms as   instruction in ways to be gracious and relaxed in our dealings with others.

Moose have a keen sense of smell and hearing.   The spirit guide of the moose will often bring messages of future events yet unseen.

The sheer power and strength of the moose is tremendous.  Those who walk with the moose know the value of good self-esteem and quickly discover their walk in life.  

(from in5d.com: http://www.in5d.com/animal-symbolism-totems-and-dream-analysis.html)

вторник, 21 август 2012 г.

Incoming message from Adrial (20AUG2012)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Incoming message from Adrial (20AUG2012)

You have now created some powerful tools for anchoring and disseminating the light around your world. These are amplifiers, healers, and facilitators, a platform for your thoughts to become reality.

Now you will notice that what you create with your thoughts will become real. In your world and in other worlds as well.

You have broken through the veil and are now able to consciously function as a fully-realized multidimensional being. This is no small task. It is in fact where others have [blue flash] walked before, but each one of you must break the veil in your own unique way. You are not still without some fear of the unknown, but this is slipping away from you as you realize your own power and heritage. You are filling in the placeholders with your being. You are consciously occupying more and more space within what was once an empty void. Of course void is relative as all is intelligent energy reflecting the Great Spirit. For without light does something in complete darkness even truly exist? It is only your focus that allows it to exist.

[radiant energy bands]

The strife that still exists in your life is only because your focus is on that strife, although as you have surmised there is still an illusion that needs to be maintained for the purposes of the simulation. It is a direct cause and effect, although it is sometimes difficult to see how one's intentions can be reflected by physical reality in seemingly unrelated ways. Do not give up hope, although I understand you feel this is a four-letter word better left unsaid. Hope is not for those who create their own reality. Hope is for those who succumb to it. You remember much even though you don't remember what it is you remember. And yet remembering more every day!

So the connections of light that you make may be similarly unrecognizable, but you do not need to fear or shy away from closeness and love. This is something that will only blossom. Judgmental ways are those of the past, and know that giving love is also receiving love. Love conquers all.

As for the physical aspects of this reality, it is all very real, and you will be able to trace the thread of that reality to the cause and effect, and eliminate the cause right at the source. Follow the thread. Be it a friend's pain or disability, the threads are there for those who wish to see them. What you were trained for [in Reiki] was to detect/feel elements of that pain, but it doesn't stop there. I encourage you to follow the thread further to the source, and you will be able to remove that which caused the problems in the first place. This is similar to the process of seeing threads during telepathy training. So follow the thread further to the source.

Thank you, Troy, keep keeping on. We love you.


Notes: I have included my observations in square brackets. I included my energy observations that would not come through in typed words but are a part of the experience. I had left these out in previous messages but I feel this is a part of the "complete package".

вторник, 14 август 2012 г.

Adrial – Bring On The Light Show!

One step we can make, closer to DISCLOSURE…

Adrial has shared with me that there is a tremendous Galactic Light Show that is preparing to unfold. Please be aware that this will happen gradually, over time, as the power of the Light Show meditation increases (please see meditation guidance below)…
We believe that our Friends’ ships are cloaked… What I learned last night is that we are actually cloaking Gaia, also, and we can now meditate to release this cloak and be able to see our brothers and sisters in the skies!
I’d like to share what I was shown, in preparation for meditations that we can all do between August 16 and August 18, to help our Star Families reveal themselves…
I’m still on  my trip to Pagosa Springs, so I will just share a brief chat below… please ask questions through comments if you like. This original post is here: http://wp.me/p2saNx-8J
Here is the mediation that Adrial says can help us to release this cloaking grid from Gaia:
1. Please sit under the sky if possible, or near an open window.
2. Please envision Gaia with a 3-dimensional lattice woven through Her many layers and dimensions: Please visualize the light grid as brilliantly shining and pulsing, its energy flowing steadily from point to point and filling Gaia with love, compassion, and connectivity between all life force beings, both inside and outside of Her physical realm.
3. Next please look at Gaia’s 3-dimensional Cloaking Grid, which also penetrates her many layers and dimensions. Please see this Grid as being held by Beings of Light, who are located on Gaia’s surface, on Her Inner Surface, and inside Her Interior Regions (such as Telos and Agartha). Between these Beings of Light, and flowing outwards into the atmosphere, please envision an electromagnetic cloak, appearing like a soft billowing fog, rolling like clouds and covering the view of the multitude of lightships which lovingly surround Gaia and us.
4. Please look into your heart region, and feel the love that Gaia, our Star Families, and WE feel for our beloved companions here on Gaia.
5. Please see yourself as drawing back the curtain of the Cloaking Grid, gradually revealing to all who wish to see, the glorious display of lights and colors that come to us from the countless Light Ships that surround us, high above our atmosphere. Please understand that this revealing will be like a magnificent fireworks display, all around the globe… Like a dance of aurora borealis, flickering and rainbow-colored, and able to be seen from any point on Gaia’s surface.
6. Please feel the joy and excitement that so many will feel when we realize that we may now access at any time, this beautiful Light Show in our heavens. We will soon be able to see our Friends and Loved Ones!
Please share this meditation with as many as you feel may be inclined to help release the Cloaking Grid, and unveil our Friends in the skies!
With deep love and brilliant Light,
(Here is some description of what I was shown last night…)
(I was driving across Oklahoma, towards Amarillo, Texas…)
…And I was asking to be shown/understand what are the reasons we cannot see them more
[8:54:07 AM] Leslee Hare: They told me that there were actually 100 ships right in front of me, just over the horizon, so I was looking at that part of the sky
[8:54:33 AM] Leslee Hare: I noticed that it looked different… we cannot see the stars near the earth…
[8:55:01 AM] Leslee Hare: What they showed me is that many of us understand “cloaking” in a limited way.
[8:55:18 AM] Leslee Hare: Ships CAN and DO cloak themselves, but GAIA also cloaks herself!
[8:55:27 AM] Leslee Hare: So others can see in, but we cannot see out!
[8:55:48 AM] Leslee Hare: There are two types of “light-grids” on Gaia
[8:56:36 AM] Leslee Hare: One holds the light, and this one we are familiar with… the other holds the cloaking of Gaia… And we can meditate as a group to release this cloak… there are enough of us now who wish to see and understand
[8:56:56 AM] Leslee Hare: exactly, exactly!!! :D
[8:57:38 AM] Leslee Hare: there are also three layers to both of these grids, and they are made up of beings on the outer surface, the inner surface, and in the interstital regions like Agartha
[8:58:11 AM] Leslee Hare: so the beings involved triangulate the grid… it is really a lattice, penetrating the entire planet…
[8:58:37 AM] Leslee Hare: and as I was driving, I could see this in the darkness, much like how I can see electromagnetic auras
[8:58:51 AM] Leslee Hare: it looked like billowing fog laid over the low horizon
[8:59:10 AM] Leslee Hare: yes, I wanted to drive all night so I could watch the stars…
[9:00:06 AM] Leslee Hare: So I want to put this into a post for people to share… There is something we can do to meditate for the 17th
[9:00:46 AM] Leslee Hare: (chuckle) that’s sort of right… I still am erasing doubt, as you know, of course… but this understanding helps so much… of course its perfect!

събота, 4 август 2012 г.


My Dear Family of Light
Here is the answer of my question about the bees, it is amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle connected with my own past fall into place. Patience worths, persistence worths, Spirit has given me the answer today. The vision of the Bee that appeared several times in my meditations reveals both part of my past /connection with Druids/ as well as the current re-connection with Souls I have spent lifetimes with

Thanks to http://www.marafreeman.blogspot.com for the image and the explanation
“In Scotland’s western isles, people once talked of ‘the secret knowledge of the bees,’ for these tiny creatures were thought to embody the ancient wisdom of the Druids.
So what did the Druids know? Bees have long been considered divine messengers from the gods. And until quite recently in the Highlands and Islands, people thought that, when in sleep, trance or death, the soul left the body in the form of a bee – a belief that has clear druidic origins. Druids were trained in the art of the ‘soul-flight,’ by which they could journey to the Otherworld for knowledge from the spirits. They would probably have endorsed the tenet beloved of the mystery schools of the Near East: Si sapis, sis apis! – If you would be wise, be a bee!”

Love and Light


събота, 14 юли 2012 г.


Letting the Buddhas Take Over

Letting The Buddhas Take Over… 

Audio transmission of Chapter 5, Book 2, from All About Enlightenment, by Leslee Hare.
Inner Guide card images and content also by Leslee Hare.
This chapter explains how certain emotions may affect our Spiritual Progress, and how we can work with these emotions. We also discuss how, if we allow ourselves to trust and accept guidance, we receive guidance as well as protection, and need never again feel we are alone or abandoned…
(Personal note from Leslee: Please note, this is a very relaxing, soothing, meditative recording… please take care if you are engaged in physical activities while listening to it – when I was editing it, I nearly fell asleep…)
(This is the only version of this Chapter currently available… It has not yet been posted onto the site…)

петък, 6 юли 2012 г.

Torsion Field Pendulum Demo.wmv

This video started out as a "crafting demo", showing how I make the Triple Spiral, or Torsion Field, pendulum. Pretty quickly, I realized it might also be a good one to show how I use a pendulum in day-to-day life... I almost always have one slung about my wrist or fingertip...

So, if you want to see how I use a pendulum, please watch the first several minutes. The description of the pieces that actually make up the pendulum are discussed later in the video.

This is the kind of dowsing I also use to connect telepathically with my Guides; that is who my questions are addressed to. Watching the motion of the pendulum calms and activates various parts of the brain, and I suspect this works a lot like hypnotism or EMDR. For me, this induces a very light trance state, from which I can then connect with my Guides directly.

At about 8:30 you can hear a bit of description of how the pendulum works with with the subtle energy system in the body.

In many instances, the pendulum is being used more for affirmation/confirmation than for receiving specific information through the pendulum itself. The confirmation is of the info I've received telepathically.

The materials used are copper wire (18ga & 24ga), brass wire (22ga), and semi-precious gemstone beads.

Video and pendulum design by Leslee Hare, 2012.

There is a gallery of additional items I've made for energy work, at the Ruwa Design blog on WordPress.


вторник, 26 юни 2012 г.

My connection with Tutankhamen, Cayce and Kathi


My connection with Tutankhamen
I was doing a Pituitary Dimensionl Attunement sound meditation via Tom Kenyon as usual today
I have always felt a deep relaxation and peace and calm when i do this meditation, it opens the Universe for me
As I was deep in meditation listening to it for the second time I saw a cobra/the cobra that is on the forehead of the Pharaoh`s crown/, and then the image of Tutankhamen emerged into my spiritual view , I saw the Pharaoh quite clear, the same thing happened to me  few months before when I saw the Goddess Hathor
After I saw Tutankhamen I started another meditation – Shamanic Hathor Heart Chakra meditation and another Being appeared to me – She was dressed in dark blue, Her hair was brown and she has pale skin, I asked about Her name – Kathi / if I remember well/, I received that She is my Teacher
Another thing I remember is from Athabantian – the crew of Athabantian is here and is getting ready to take action with all of us.

Love and Light

Another clue, given from Spirit, today, after I have received the name Kathi/ one of my teachers in the Spiritual realms/ I got an e-mail from a friend who do not speak English, the information attached was about Edgar Cayce/ Cayce – Kathi very close names according to their pronunciation/ and important info to me

According to Mayas Cayce is WIZARD – 2, a Linking Worlds Wizard, unseen guiding force: Blue Hand – Knowledge, Action, Healing

WOW – I saw as a vision a blue hand reaching to me after I met Umbro that night
Kathi is dressed in dark blue

Thank You, Spirit! Thank You All!


BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 6)

January 19, 2012 § 4 Comments

PART SIX: Fantasy And Reality

[From Buddhas Heruka and Naropa]
You can also use your dreams to create your waking life.
This differs from literally turning your fantasy world into your ‘real’ world, because the dreams and wishes of the other actors powerfully affect the ‘real’ world.
You can, however, use your wishes to bend reality somewhat, and influence energies to flow in the direction that you’d like.
How quickly and to what extent this can manifest depends considerably on the wishes of the other people surrounding you (this is one reason why many spiritual traditions emphasize community). But even if you often feel like a stranger in a strange land, your wishes constantly affect your experience.
For instance, let’s say you’re in a job that you really don’t enjoy. Or maybe you just need to find a job. If you focus your mind on an imagined situation that you wish to find yourself in, the energies of your wish flow in the direction of that outcome.
If you can also manage not to think negatively about your ‘existing’ situation, that keeps the way clear for the energy to flow more precisely in the direction of your desires. Your energy goes where your mind goes, so negative thoughts, especially discouragement, tend to divert or short-circuit the fulfillment of your wishes because they dilute the amount of energy that actually goes in the direction you want.
It’s essential to understand that this manifestation process works in a rather unpredictable way.
So it’s best not to focus too much energy on the specifics of what you wish for, or you may miss opportunities arising.
This shows another example of how grasping may sneak in, disguised as part of your spiritual endeavors.
Generate your wish enthusiastically but try not to grasp too tightly at how you think it ought to come true.
The more clearly you can understand what it is you’re really wishing for (the stripped-down version), the more latitude Enlightened Beings have to influence outcomes. Then, the more quickly and easily you’re likely to notice results.
Even the smallest inspiration you get could be coming from Enlightened Beings trying to help you open up and allow your dreams to come true.
You can do this with any wish you have in your life. The state of mental relaxation that allows Us to plant seeds resembles a dream state, and with some people, dreamtime is the best time for Us to plant those seeds. You can take your wishes to sleep with you, and We may use that opportunity to both give you ideas and show you how you may need to fine-tune your wishes.
During your waking time you can process what you remember from your dreams, and also work on focusing your energy towards them.
In this way We can help you to dream yourself to a more fulfilling life.

събота, 23 юни 2012 г.


Hi, Tauno,
Perfect timing! I was a little late getting home, but I felt we were connectedeven while I was on my way home, anyway. :)
I’ll comment within your email, and then share my experience at the end…
On Jun 22, 2012, at 11:33 AM, Tauno wrote:
> Dear Les, I feel we were connected again
> here is my meditation
> Love You, dear Friend !
> Tauno
> My crystal connection with Adrial and Leslee
> I sat in my armchair to wait for the exact time, as I was holding the crystals I had a vision in front of me of a white rabbit moving upwards , I was aware that time is right
I think perhaps (well of course I was the rabbit!) that the white rabbit moving upwards was me, and also that this represents the last figure you saw, climbing the crystal ladder… More on this at that part of your meditation…
One thing that I find remarkable and humorous about your vision of the rabbit is this: it’s like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but instead of leading Alice down the rabbit hole, he’s doing the opposite of what Alice does, by transforming into a being of the madness of the “upper” world, and coming OUT OF the rabbit hole!!! ;)

> I was meditating with ALGIZ and one of the Leos family Lemurians
I had a whole tray of crystals in front of me, arranged in a way that I think represents Gaia… And the hollow calcite geode on my lap, with a beautiful Lemurian I bought recently. This one has tiny brilliant dark blue threads in it’s base.
I was holding OcaTAwa; she told me that since we would be focusing on inner earth and outer earth connections, that was most appropriate. She asked me to keep her cave covered with my thumb…

> All the time in all ways the Rube GEBO was seen sometimes merged with the Rune ALGIZ and the Rune TEIWAZ – a sign of a connection, reached balance and a victory :D
> I received “You are protected” then I saw an angel with wings and the same sign M – AA Michael and one of Leslee`s guides that she remembers from the time of her incarnation on Earth
Yes! I feel quite happy mow, after talking with both my therapist and Konstantinos and Iltheos! I’ll ask him how much of our private conversation he’d like to share. It’s a very beautiful and touching story. :)

> I was guided then to the crystal kingdom of Lemuria and there I saw two figures that were separated from a kind of crystal wall/dimension. They gradually met each other and formed a connection, from this connection I saw a Light formed
I feel this has to di with Agnès being encased in the amethyst flower…
When I went into the hospital on April 3, on the 4th I had a very brief vision of seeing a beautiful violet and clear amethyst crystal, as if it were right at my face and all I could see.
I understood last night that vision was not a vision, it was a moment of my consciousness returning to Agnès’ body, and Agnès opening here eyes for just an instant, realizing she was still in the crystal bed, and Leslee was still Leslee. So you’ve seen where I am!
> Then I saw this one ruler of Agartha that met Admiral Byrd in his visit, He was sitting in a chair,
(This is Glöethe) :D
There was a post I made named “Glöethe’s Eyes”; I need to find it and look at it again…

> then I saw another Guide that was looking at me and the whole crystal took the image of a Being and I heard “ This is Adrial speaking to you”
Wow! What did the being look like? Simply the crystal? How wonderful, Tauno!!! :D

> I saw a figure climbing a sort of ladder – smooth crystal pointing upwards, this figure/a spiritually evolved human / shaman / was moving up while at the same time this moving figure became more and more crystalline till reaching another body of a different “matter”

I think this represents a person, perhaps me, making the transference from the crystalline/Lemurian body to the human body on the surface of earth…

Another thing I just realized is that because I was late, you and I may have seen this same thing at the same time! Almost identically to your ladder, the first thing I saw was a tall Lemurian point, like a huge version of the one I was meditating with (I’ll send you a photo), which of course would look like a ladder! Then I saw, at the top of it, the images of the SAM that I shared, that looks a bit like an eye… Crystal center, surrounded by dark steel spiraled wire and blue kyanite blades… I saw the eye of Horus as if a transparent curtain superimposed in this…
So that was the beginning of my meditation… Then I went on to see Abi-Qor again, as if in the dream, and spent some time looking at that.
Next I felt that there were no more images coming, but that you might still be connected, so I should take my recorder and describe my dream from last night. That took a half an hour or so? I will share that more when I have time to type up the dreams… There was an argument with my ex, as I was trying to collect Lucas to take him to school, and there was a shattered ibject and something about changing clothes. Then there was a scene about a canteen or diner at a movie set or circus set, again with disagreements and things being broken…
My! We are really good at this, aren’t we! ;D

петък, 22 юни 2012 г.


what to do when you freak out

February 5, 2011 § 7 Comments
everyone on a spiritual path wants to know: what (who) makes a good teacher?
Spiritual paths (even the quiet-stream type) presents challenges. Delusions have gripped us for a long time, and they enjoy their abusive power.
I speak of delusions as people, because at times we can confuse delusions with our own Inner Guides.
Our Inner Guides are “people”, in the sense that “they” possess awareness and intention. Whether we view them as our intuition, a deity, a Buddha, God/Goddess, our Higher Self, etc., Inner Guides function like people.
Delusions do not possess awareness or intention. But they function almost as if they do, and we tend to regard them (sometimes unconsciously) that way. Sometimes delusions seem to have a mind of their own, and they can make us feel as if we have no control; so it may help to regard them with personae.
Spiritual Guides and Inner Guides manifest in many forms, and each form functions to guide us in a particular way. Whether you call your Spiritual Guide ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Allah’, ‘Buddha’, ‘Heruka’, ‘Lhamo Dorje’ or something else, you put a lot of faith in that being, and in many ways you believe your life is in their hands.
Your delusions “know” this, and they take advantage of the situation.
Distinctions between what your delusions tell you and what your Inner Guide tells you blur, when delusions manage to confuse you.
Now let’s talk a little bit about teachers, Inner Guides and Spiritual Guides.
When we lack confidence in our spiritual abilities, we tend not to act on some very valid insights and intuitions. This can stop us from making progress at the rate we would otherwise.
We don’t want to be over-confident and careless, but once we realize we’ve got a good foundation laid, we should move forward without spending a lot of time needlessly checking ourselves.
Many false teachers choose to attempt to generate (perhaps sub-consciously) a lack of self-confidence on the part of their students, trying to exert personal control over them.
This motivation reeks of negativity, and anyone who professes to offer spiritual teachings should check their motivation periodically. It’s not enough to state that one’s motivation is good.
We want to learn from qualified teachers, and qualified teachers always have many students who make good progress and gain realizations. If you study and practice with a teacher for some time, and don’t experience or witness growth, then try another teacher for a while.
There’s no harm in doing this; a teacher who loves his or her students and wishes for them to make progress will actually encourage this exploration.
A true teacher knows that there will always be students (until all beings in the world realize their enlightenment), and a returning student is just as precious as a new one.
Just to clarify: When I speak of “Inner Guides” and “Spiritual Guides”, I’m referring to “beings” who may – or may not – appear visibly in this world.
Sometimes people think their Inner or Spiritual Guide tells them to do something, when it’s their delusions doing the talking. And delusions can tell people to do some pretty crazy things. So here’s a list of guidelines to check if you ever feel like you might be freaking out and you’re not quite sure where you’re getting some of your ideas.
  1. No true Spiritual Guide will ever ask you to harm another living being.
  2. No true Spiritual Guide will ever ask you to take anything that does not belong to you.
  3. No true Spiritual Guide will ever tell you it’s okay to have sex with someone else’s partner (unless everyone affected explicitly agrees to it).
  4. No true Spiritual Guide will ever tell you that war is a necessary or good thing, or that it’s okay to kill your ‘enemies’.
  5. No true Spiritual Guide will ever abandon you.
  6. No true Spiritual Guide will ever threaten to abandon you.
  7. No true Spiritual Guide will ever threaten you in any way, whatsoever.
  8. A true Spiritual Guide will always have your best interests in mind and at heart.
  9. A true Spiritual Guide will never let you starve to death nor die from exposure.
  10. A true Spiritual Guide will always encourage you and acknowledge your progress.
  11. A true Spiritual Guide will always be there when you need help, even though you may feel alone.
  12. A true Spiritual Guide will always treat you with respect (unless you ask him or her not to, but that’s not a good idea).
  13. A true spiritual guide or teacher has no need to proclaim themselves as a teacher.
(Many thanks to Sidewalk Bends for #13)
If you ever come across someone who claims to be a spiritual teacher but doesn’t follow these guidelines, ask yourself: why you would want to follow that person?
It may be that you are due for some tough lessons about false teachers, but please know that your Guides would never send you a lesson like that unless you specifically requested it. It’s a tough lesson that can backfire and set you back substantially.
In any case, please familiarize yourself with the information in this chapter, and don’t be afraid to use it.


BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 5)

January 18, 2012 

PART FIVE: How You Can Act In Your Dreams

[From Buddhas Heruka and
Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage”, and Buddha Shakyamuni says all of life is like a dream.
We’d like to suggest that you may use your dreams as a stage: On this stage you can have a dress-rehearsal of your next lifetime.
At this dress-rehearsal you don’t need an audience and critics. You can try out different lines and different methods of delivery, and you can run through the scenes as many times as you like. The cast and crew await your beck and call, and even the heroes and villains can be made to do your bidding.
Leslee had a nightmare several years ago:
“I was about to be devoured by a huge, menacing, hairy monster with fangs the size of my legs and a gaping mouth as large as my bedroom. The monster was leering over me, mouth opened to engulf me.
“Just as I knew my life was about to end, the dream-set turned into a stage-set.
“My ‘camera’ zoomed out, and I suddenly beheld my tiny ‘self’ on the set beside a not-quite-so-tiny monster which was actually a marionette. The marionette was being controlled backstage by a huge fat jolly man sitting casually on a stool, wearing overalls and no shirt, laughing so hard that it seemed his scruffy beard was about to fall off.
“As the scene zoomed out a little further, I saw another version of myself, this time in scale with the man in overalls, and I was also sitting on a stool, watching the puppet show and looking a bit dumbstruck (but very relieved).
“Around myself and Shakey (the fat man) stood several empty stools, and the floor was littered with the bodies of monks and nuns who had collapsed from exhaustion.
“When I awoke from the Dream, I realized that ‘Shakey was Buddha Shakyamuni (and Shakespeare), appearing to show me the true nature of my experiences in life.
“The exhausted monks and nuns represented people who had thoroughly exhausted themselves by grasping at appearances (such as the appearance of how a person in robes should behave).”
This dream dramatically changed Leslee’s life.
It showed her how everything experienced in this life is not only not ‘real’, but Enlightened Beings also arrange it, for everyone’s best benefit (Enlightened Beings often defy our expectations of appearances).
In the dream, unlike the monster, Leslee was not a marionette being controlled by Shakey.
She was free to choose her actions. Fortunately she chose to step back from the scene of menace and get a wider perspective of the situation. From there I could see that I was in no danger.
Contemplating this dream may open a clear understanding that all of your experiences are lessons. This knowledge offers powerful guidance for decision-making.
Please allow your dreams to show you how to act in life.
This can happen in many ways. Enlightened Beings can give you very clear and obvious lessons like the dream about ‘Shakey’. This often happens when you’re ready for the lesson, because your guides see you headed for a challenging situation or decision.
When you receive these special dreams, please pay attention and question their possible meanings.
Quite often, dreams can be interpreted in many ways, and each interpretation offers a lesson.
People commonly dream about playing roles that they’ve never played in ‘real’ life. These dreams take you out of your comfort zone and force you to think on your feet, so to speak. In your dream world you really can’t make mistakes, so try to remember: you have nothing to lose.
Dreams are just rehearsals.
You can master your role, playing it out however you like, until you gain a deep understanding of what role you wish to play in the ‘real’ world.
As your roles in life continue to shift, your dreams are at your disposal as tools you can use to work through your new positions.
If you keep in mind that you’re using these tools while working with Enlightened Beings, you may feel inspired to look very closely at your dreams.
Every detail you remember probably serves as a cue for you to find a lesson about how you can use your dreams to guide you through waking life.


BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 7)

January 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

PART SEVEN: Those Dreams You Don’t Talk About

[From Buddhas Manjushri, Heruka and Naropa]
There’s one kind of dream that We haven’t mentioned yet, but We can’t ignore it, because it’s probably everyone’s favorite type of dream.
Yes, We’re talking about Sex Dreams, and yes, We’re going to offer some explanations and information for your consideration.
First, let’s get the technical part out of the way: Sex Dreams are usually Non-Lucid Action-Making dreams, but you’d probably already figured that out.
What do Sex Dreams have to do with Dharma?
Well just like sex itself, they can have everything to do with Dharma, but it all depends on one’s point of view and attitude. We’ll go into Pure View in more detail in a moment; for now, let’s just say that there’s no action more virtuous than engaging in union with an Enlightened Being. If you truly engage in union with an Enlightened Being, your mind is mixing completely with the mind of the Union of Bliss and Emptiness, and if you can manage to sustain that Union permanently, then you’ve attained Enlightenment.
Please note that we said permanently.
That means never pausing, never ceasing, never taking a break. We think it’s safe to say that most sex is not like that.
Just the same, sometimes the experience of sex can give you glimpses of what the experience of Union is like. So, in that respect, it can be a very worthwhile endeavor.
We’d like to pause here and make a clarification. Many Buddhist stories make vague references to something called ‘meditation’ when they describe practices that involve ‘consorts’.
In almost all of these instances, ‘meditation’ refers to what might ordinarily be called ‘sex’.
The word ‘ordinary’ is key to understanding why sometimes it’s more fitting to use the word ‘meditation’.
A chapter on Dreams (and Sex) seems to be just as good a place as any to address the differences between ordinary view and Pure View.
Simply out, Pure View is an Enlightened Being’s point of view.
Practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism make their best effort to engage in Pure View, and this means their goal is to constantly do a number of things. We might call it Supreme Multi-Tasking, but Pure View is much easier to say.
And it’s much easier to say than to do, so an intent Vajrayana practitioner continues to make effort to improve their multi-tasking ability until it finally becomes their very nature, and they’ve therefore attained Enlightenment.
Since We’ve begun a digression, let’s take it a little further and explain a little bit about the Vajrayana Path and Empowerments. We predict that the following explanations will likely receive criticism from traditional Vajrayana Buddhist circles; We’re treading on very sacred ground.
So We’re saying to you that since you’re reading these words, you have the very special karma to be receiving this transmission of an explanation.
What you choose to do with it’s entirely up to you. This advice resembles the advice given to anyone receiving an ‘actual’ Empowerment directly from a Vajra Master appearing in human form before them.
Vajra Masters may appear in any form they choose. The advice is the same: If you believe you’ve received an Empowerment from a Fully Enlightened Being, then that’s exactly what’s happened. If you don’t truly view the Vajra Master as an Enlightened Being, then you might as well just have gone to dinner with him or her, because that’s about how “empowered” you’ll get.
So if you believe that Enlightened Beings can give you a transmission through words that appears to be written by a human being, and from that transmission you may attain Enlightenment, then you have a tremendous amount of faith and will probably attain Enlightenment very easily.
If you think that idea is preposterous, then you might as well skip ahead to the next section, or put the book down altogether, because the explanation about sex won’t do you any good either.
If you fall anywhere in between, then you still have enough faith, so please read on and enjoy.
Now let’s get back to sex, and eventually we’ll get back to dreams about sex.
If you’ve ever had sex of any kind, then you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of how it affects the physical body. There are some wonderful explanations available about how it also affects the energy body: what precisely happens with the channels, winds and drops when one is aroused, and when two people enter into union.
Rather than repeating what’s already been skillfully said, We’ll simply summarize:
When the physical and energy bodies are aroused, one enters into a sort of altered state of awareness.
Then it’s possible that the perceptions of one’s energy body may begin to dominate over the familiar physical perceptions.
This may in turn lead to a transcendental experience, and We’re not talking about physical orgasm. We’re talking about a state of mind with very dreamlike qualities, that’s very subtle and fluid. This state mimics the experiences of highly-realized meditators when they’re approaching Enlightenment.
So, if you enter such a state of arousal, that arousal may act as a stepping stone for making spiritual progress.
We don’t guarantee this will happen for you, so by telling you this We’re not encouraging you to go out and have sex with wild abandon – that’s more likely to produce the opposite of the desired effect. But if the opportunity arises, We’re encouraging you to use your sexual practice as spiritual practice.
The more you meditate, the more you’ll gain control over your mind as well as your subtle channels, winds and drops, and this will positively impact your sexual experience.
Now We can get back to the main subject at hand: Sexual Dreams.
Really, all that’s left to say is that Sexual Dreams may serve the same purpose as the actual sex act when it comes to spiritual progress, and the more mindful you are during your dreams (of using them for spiritual progress), the more progress you’ll make.
It’s also worth telling you a little about the origin of these types of dreams.
Enlightened Beings help manifest your powerful sexual dreams. Spirits, gods and demons aren’t spiritually powerful enough to affect your mind and subtle energy body enough to produce strong sexual arousal when you sleep.
We make a distinction between powerful sexual dreams and simple fantasy dreams. The latter aren’t any more influenced by Enlightened Beings than your other ‘normal’ dreams. But you’ll know the difference if you have a powerful sexual dream, because you’ll remember it and understand naturally that it was a special dream.